Hello Charlie movie review: Amazon Prime Video

Mr Makwana is a banana loathing money manager on the run from the law – that is the running gag in author chief Pankaj Saraswat’s (a long way from comic) satire Hello Charlie. Jackie Shroff plays Makwana, decorated with a silver hairpiece, braid and a colossal extortion charge on his back, he is attempting to escape the country.

His eye candy, Mona sweetheart (how unique), recommends he escapes in a gorilla suit. The strange thought goes to her from a news report about a hit film called Monster Monkey.

The one interesting scene is Shroff/Makwana watching monkey recordings to get into the demonstration. Outfit got, thought set up, Mona (Elnaaz Norouzi) presently employs the most idiotic child on the square to drive Makwana crosscountry to the port of Diu.

Aadar Jain plays Charlie, who you may be sufficiently benevolent to depict as a ‘nitwit’. Totally without road smarts or any valuable abilities, his solitary saving grace is he’s a pleasant chap. So a decent, yet straightforward, chap with an acquired truck is shipping a man who he accepts is a primate who is really an outlaw by law.

In the universe of Hello Charlie, a gorilla could be replacing a penetrated tire on an Indian expressway and not one passing vehicle will stop to look or snap a photo. Also Charlie having no interest in the surface of Toto the gorilla’s hide, skin or tire evolving capacities.

To muddle matters, and make an instance of mixed up personality and so forth, a genuine gorilla has gotten away from a plane accident. Charlie likewise has a conflict with a sharp carnival proprietor who needs to obtain the skilled Toto. This carnival in Gujarat includes a grandstand routine by Padmini. Why would that be a Punjabi thing number being acted in a carnival tent in Gujarat in a probably kids’ film?

Charlie tracks down a sudden partner in artist entertainer Padmini (Shlokka Pandit), who is contracted to the bazaar proprietor. Together they free Toto, however can Makwana get away from the cops and Charlie’s incompetence?

Of the exhibitions, the gorillas totally upstage the human entertainers who are obliged by a hackneyed story. In the event that there is a remark on tricks and fakes in the nation, it’s smothered by the splendid tones, franticness and bothering characters that populate this droll experience.

Hi Charlie is presently real time on Amazon Prime Video.

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